SEO Content Planning

SEO Content Planning

We believe that achieving good results from search engines is dependent on having a well planned SEO and/or PPC content strategy. We think it is worth paying extra for SEO-friendly content planning and writing, as over time, the results should prove to be very positive and produce a good return on investment.

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SEO and PPC are both competitive, but with a good plan, small businesses can still achieve great results!

Making sure the foundations of your website are strong from an SEO and PPC perspective, is one really important consideration, in order to generate traffic from search. Well planned keyword research and a well thought out content strategy are also vital elements. These are three of the key areas we focus on.

The SEO power of your website, its existing content and the level of competition, will all be influencing factors, in terms of what strategy should be devised. Also, things like link building, meta tagging and URL usage are all important areas that need to be considered.

We take all these things and more into account when planning and we use our extensive search experience and expertise to devise strategies that are set to deliver results.

When we undertake SEO or PPC content planning, we take a sales-led approach. We understand that the most important aspect of driving traffic, is driving highly targeted traffic that is likely to convert into visitors. “Sales” is always at the heart of our planning process.

We offer a full content planning package which consists of various elements. We also provide cheaper services, so you can trial one or two of our services very cost effectively. These include keyword research (for SEO and/or PPC), blog title planning (includes SEO keyword research) and a website analysis report.

We also provide an SEO-friendly content writing service for websites and blogs & articles, which includes internal link planning, URL planning and meta tag writing.

To find out more about our SEO content planning services and pricing please contact us.

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