Sales Consultancy

Sales Consultancy

Our sales consultancy package has been devised to help start-ups and SME’s create strong digital sales foundations.

It will help you gain a better understanding of the fundamental elements of traditional sales and how these relate to digital sales. It will also give you more insight into what digital channels and disciplines are available to you, sales wise.

Discovery Call

USP Planning (Unique Selling Points)

SWOT Analysis

Customer Personas

Elevator Pitch

Basic Sales Strategy

Generating incoming enquiries and making sales from digital activity generally requires some level of ongoing monthly investment. However, if your marketing budget is currently too low for this, then this sales consultancy package should be a good place for you to start.

There are lots of ways to generate enquiries and make sales through digital channels and some of these are actually very low cost or free.

Three examples are as follows

  • Linkedin and other forms of social media
  • Business networking events and workshops – online.
  • Speed networking events – online.

You may think you don’t need to buy a sales package to learn how to do any of these things, but our reply to that would be that digital is a very complex sales arena.

In our experience, most small businesses do use social media and/or business networking. However, we have found that many spend a lot of time and effort doing these things, and then wonder why they do not generate many enquiries or sales from them.

There are usually various reasons for the lack of results, and more often than not, these revolve around the fact that the sales opportunities available via these channels are not being leveraged properly.

This is usually because business owners are not approaching things from a digitally focused sales stance. Or, they do not have enough sales knowledge or the right sales tools to enable them to do the job properly.

This sales consultancy package covers some key elements that should help you progress more effectively with digital sales activity.

One tool that we will help you produce is a 60 second elevator pitch which should help you deliver your sales messaging far more effectively.

The stronger your sales messaging is, the more sales you are likely to make!

If you want your business to start making more sales in 2021, then please contact us to find out how

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    Getting the right name is one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll make.

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    Knowing what to do and when to do it is pivotal to sales & marketing success.

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