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Sales Consultancy - Discovery Service

Our entry level sales consultancy service is our Discovery Service Package and it has been designed to help start-ups and SMEs create strong sales foundations.

It will help you gain a better understanding of the fundamental elements of traditional sales and how these relate to digital sales.

Sales Consultancy

USP Planning

SWOT Analysis

Customer Personas

Elevator Pitch

Basic Sales Strategy

It will also give you insight into what work needs to be done to improve your business from a sales perspective, and what offline and online channels and disciplines are available to you, sales wise.

Making sales from digital activity generally requires some level of ongoing monthly investment. However, if your marketing budget is currently too low for this, then this sales consultancy package should be a good place for you to start.

There are lots of ways to generate enquiries and make sales through digital channels but often this requires some investment. However, there are various other ways for SMEs to make sales too and some of these are actually very low cost or free.

Three examples are as follows

  • LinkedIn – social selling.
  • Business networking events and workshops – offline and online.
  • Speed networking events – offline and online.

You may think you don’t need to buy a sales package to learn how to do any of these things, but selling effectively tends to require the creation of strong sales foundations plus a good sales strategy. It also often requires some form of training.

Our Discovery Service sales consultancy package overview

covers some key elements that should help you progress more effectively with your sales activity. The consultancy and planning work is tailored for individual clients depending on requirements and is aimed at London based businesses as it involves in-person meetings. The standard service includes the following.

  • 2 hour meeting – with 50+ questions to establish sales standing and issues.
  • 2 hour research and analysis, and some planning.
  • 1 hour feedback, plus tips for improvement

Our entry level Sales Consultancy Discovery Service Package is £395

Please note, this service requires in-person meetings to be held in Bromley, Croydon or South London. Meetings can potentially be held elsewhere for additional cost. We also offer other higher priced versions of this service with more add-ons – Details are available on request.

Once you have finished the Discovery Service consultancy – you may wish to go on and book other elements of consultancy such as those listed at the top of this page – e.g. USP work, SWOT analysis work, customer personas, elevator pitches and sales strategy work – Quotes for these areas are tailored to individual client requirements.

If you want your business to make more sales in 2024, please contact us to book a Discovery Service Package.

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