Sales & Marketing Services

Sales and marketing services to help you grow your brand.

Our sales and marketing services help you to generate quality enquiries, gain new clients, and achieve sales success!

Sales Specialists

Creating strong sales foundations and planning sales activity online and offline is extremely important for sales success.

Digital Expertise

Good digital planning is a key element of sales planning. Our intricate understanding of digital marketing is a strength.

Competitive Pricing

We provide a high level and high-quality service but at prices that are affordable to the SME market.

Extensive Experience

We have specialist knowledge & access to a wide selection of suppliers covering all aspects of digital.


Our sales and marketing services revolve around helping business owners (and their teams) generate quality enquiries, gain new clients, and make sales.

As a small business ourselves, we keep the sales and marketing services we offer tightly focused around three of our USPs (unique selling points).

We are based in Bromley and provide in-person sales and marketing consultancy and workshops for clients who can meet us in South London. Some of our marketing services can be provided remotely, so we do work with clients in other parts of the UK too.

Market research & analysis

Brand strategy & development

Keyword & search planning

Taglines & elevator pitches

USP’s, messaging & positioning

Sales planning & social selling

Website & marketing planning

Sales and marketing services – USPs

  • The first USP is our ability to work with clients to devise great multi-channel, sales-focused sales and marketing strategies (offline + online). This is due to our broad experience and expertise across sales, marketing, & digital.
  • The second is our flair and expertise in keyword research and how this should be incorporated into content planning. This helps us help clients plan strong website foundations and content from both a sales and SEO standpoint.
  • The third is our social selling knowledge and expertise, which enables us to help small businesses improve activity on social media platforms and generate quality enquiries and sales from social media.

Sales and marketing consultancy and strategic planning services

Our sales and marketing services are all geared towards us to producing strategies to get your brand in front of your target audience cost effectively. The objective is to help you generate more quality enquiries and sales, and the sales strategies we create are likely to deliver good results and a good ROI (return on investment).

Design and image services

Every good brand requires a strong image. To ensure our visual production is as good as our sales and marketing services, we work in partnership with a well- established, highly successful design agency to deliver logos and other visual elements. We also work with them to provide branding workshops.

Content planning and writing

Alongside our main sales and marketing services which are consultancy, planning, and workshops, we also offer blog writing services, copywriting services, and keyword research.

Brand packages

We also have a selection of brand packages to meet different needs. Our brand packages are a great way to use a combination of our sales and marketing services to get a new brand off the ground or give an existing brand the boost it needs.

Project management

We are able to introduce you to the right people at the right time to help you with the implementation of sales strategies and your brand development. We do this by working in conjunction with an extensive, hand-picked supplier network with affordable rates for small businesses. Most of these are London based and close to us in either Bromley or Croydon. If appropriate, we can introduce you to suppliers and also help project manage the development process.

Sales and marketing workshops

We run various sales and marketing group workshops in Bromley and Croydon to help people learn more about sales and marketing basics. We also run workshops to help people understand how sales, marketing and digital activity needs to fit together for best results. In addition we provide 1-2-1 sales training sessions.

Find out how our sales and marketing services could help you produce great sales results for your business.


Domain Names

Getting the right name is one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll make.

Marketing Options

Knowing what to do and when to do it is pivotal to sales & marketing success.

Digital Channels

Knowing where and how to promote your brand makes a major difference.


Start brand planning and content planning now, to help your business make more sales.