Motivational female speaker

If you’re looking for a female motivational speaker to give an inspirational talk, Emma could be just the woman for you.

Emma has a very impressive background in the digital and marketing sectors spanning 25-years, and she now helps small business owners with strategic planning.

However, Emma’s journey in business and in life has been full of challenges, often made harder because she is female. One of the key things she talks about is resilience, which should make her a great motivational and inspirational speaker to choose for your event.

Some of the scars from her journey will never heal, but Emma endeavours to show other women (and men) that turbulent times don’t have to define you or limit you. They can in fact mould you and give you purpose if you allow yourself to overcome your past, manage your present, and maintain hope and positivity for your future.

Emma enjoys public speaking as it allows her to provide motivational and inspirational words from the heart that can have a very positive impact on others – particularly women and small business owners.

Neurodiversity & Mental Health

Neurodiversity and mental health are two words have played (and continue to play) a big part in Emma’s life for various reasons. The motivational talks that Emma provides touch on these areas in one way or another. A lot of the poetry she writes (and reads) revolve around mental health, wellbeing, positivity and resilience.

Emma would like to do more to raise awareness of the mental health cause. By offering a motivational public speaking service she believes she can combine her lived experience and strong communication skills to provide real insight – and inspire others to want to do more too.

Events that suit Emma’s style

Charity events

Mental Health Events

Small Business Events

Corporate Events

Female focused Events

Book a Speaker Session

For more information about the motivational speaking sessions and poetry readings Emma delivers – please get in touch to request an overview and pricing. Tailored sessions available on request too.

Why choose Emma as your speaker?

Inspirational mental health story

Interesting back story

Extensive business experience

Excellent speaking skills

Warm, friendly personality

Poet and writer

Why Hire a Motivational Speaker?

  • 1To raise awareness of mental health
  • 2To encourage communication
  • 3To strengthen team spirit
  • 4To educate and inspire

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