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Which Digital Marketing Packages Could Your Business Use?

Find out more about our digital marketing packages for small businesses.

Sales Consultancy & Sales Planning


Form strong sales foundations – good sales planning is a key element of digital success.

  • Discovery call
  • USPs & messaging
  • SWOT analysis
  • Target market
  • Elevator pitch
  • Consultancy & sales strategy


Keyword Planning Report


Want your site to be found? SEO & PPC keyword planning helps you reach the right audience.

  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO consultancy
  • PPC consultancy
  • Keyword planning
  • Content strategy
  • Search strategy


Marketing Analysis Report


Want your business to generate more enquires? - Find out what improvements can be made.

  • Branding / messaging
  • Content analysis
  • Keywords & SEO
  • PPC & CRO
  • Sales & marketing
  • Consultancy / feedback


Blog Writing - 6 Blogs Per Quarter


Adding SEO friendly blogs to an existing site can be an affordable way to start SEO

  • Blog consultancy
  • Keyword research
  • Titles – 6 blogs
  • Meta tags – 6 blogs
  • Content planning
  • Blog Writing

* Prices shown for our digital marketing packages are entry level costs & prices may be higher depending on work required.

To find out more about the digital marketing packages we provide & pricing, please contact us for further information – Enquire Now

Planning your digital marketing activity is important for sales success.

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Secure More Sales

Our digital marketing packages help you plan your digital marketing activity more effectively. Good planning is very important if you want great sales results – find out why.
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Gain More Enquiries

Our digital marketing packages are a great starting point if you want to generate good quality incoming enquiries. We also help with other sales focused marketing activities too.
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Digital marketing packages - FAQs

Why use our digital marketing packages?

Our digital marketing packages help with digital planning and the development of strong foundations for digital activity – these things help you produce more sales if your sales planning is also good.

The digital marketplace is a complex area with lots of options. Good planning helps with brand development & sales & marketing. You can read more detail about why it is so important in our blog about digital planning 

Do you offer a planning service with the digital marketing packages?

Yes – with most of our digital marketing packages there will be some planning work and the blog package is primarily planning. But you may have to do more planning too in order to maximise returns from sales and marketing activity.

However, the way we work allows small businesses to do digital planning in stages. It may be that you need to take out 2 or 3 of our digital marketing packages and also book us to do more planning work too, but this does not all have to be done at once. It can be done in line with your budget availability and we can recommend what digital marketing package and/or element of planning we think you should do first.

What is the cost of the different packages?

The prices shown for the different digital marketing packages provide an indication of cost. However costs for the packages can vary, depending on requirements. Costs for other digital planning and consultancy services are tailored to individual requirements. A rate card for our services is available upon request.

Do you provide digital marketing packages for any business?

No – we only provide digital marketing packages for small businesses in certain sectors. To find out if our packages are suitable for your small business it is best to contact us. We work with many sectors but some sectors we do NOT work with – these include:- finance, legal, insurance, energy, medical, and gambling.

Do you provide a consultancy service with the packages?

No – but we liaise with clients via phone and email. This usually consists of a call prior to the work in the digital marketing package being carried out – plus, a brief follow up call. The length of these calls varies, and if in-depth discussion is required it will probably require additional consultancy time to be booked.

Use the right keywords

Keyword use is an important part of digital planning for most small businesses. All of our digital marketing packages include taking keywords into consideration.

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Domain Specialists

Creating a strong brand name can only be done if there is a great domain to go with it. We plan great names.

Digital Experts

The digital landscape is integral to brand planning. Our intricate understanding of digital is a key strength.

Competitive Pricing

We provide a high level and high-quality service but at prices that are affordable to the SME market.

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We have specialist knowledge & access to a wide selection of suppliers covering all aspects of digital.