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“I'm a digital marketing consultant with over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, SEO & website planning”

I’m Emma, the owner. of Brand Planning. I am a digital marketing consultant and I cover most of the key areas of digital development and digital marketing.

It is not easy to find digital marketing consultants with the powerful skill set and level of experience that I have. This expertise has been gained throughout a 20 year career within the digital sector.

My extensive experience and knowledge covers seven key areas that are vital for good digital planning. These are branding, sales, marketing, keyword planning, SEO, website planning and content planning.

On top of my digital skill set, I am also a professionally trained and high calibre sales specialist. I understand the sales process intricately both online and offline.

Last, but not least, I am also a copywriter. I have written sales, marketing, website and SEO copy throughout my whole career in digital, and I continue to do so.

Digital marketing consultancy

Digital is a complex area. The digital consultancy service that I provide can help guide your business through the different stages of digital development.

It focuses heavily on sales and marketing processes that are likely to deliver results. It will also help you to plan the best way in which to spend your budget.

Ultimately, it should save you time and money and help your business get to a position where it makes more sales from digital activity.

You can read some of my digital marketing consultant testimonials here.

Why use a digital marketing consultant?

To maximise returns from your digital budget

To create a digital sales and marketing strategy.

To avoid pitfalls and save time.

For specialist keyword and SEO expertise.

To help you understand the digital marketplace


years’ experience

When assessing whether you should spend money on consultancy, think about the new enquiries that 20 years of digital experience is likely to help you generate.

Key things we help with

Research and planning – USP’s, messaging and positioning

Brand identity – concepts, names, tag lines, logos and elevator pitches

Keyword and hashtag research and strategies for cross channel use

Sales, marketing, SEO, social media and website planning

Supplier introductions and project management

How important is your website?

  • 1It should be very important.
  • 2It should be aligned to your brand and sit centrally to all your sales and marketing activity
  • 3It is essentially your “shop window”
  • 4All roads lead to your website! You can drive traffic to your website from most marketing channels

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