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Copywriting services for websites, blogs and marketing

We provide copywriting services to help small businesses improve their presence online. Our copywriting services are good quality because we plan and write SEO friendly copy that is also sales / marketing orientated.

Our objective when writing copy, is to help our clients generate visitors and enquiries. Our planning process takes all sorts of things into account from keywords, to target audience and USP’s. By making planning a big part of our copywriting service, we are able to write digital copy that works really well!

Why use us?

Writing SEO friendly copy, that works well from a sales and marketing perspective is a complex area. This is what we specialise in.

So many factors need to be taken into account when writing good digital content –from keyword use to USP’s. We make sure we consider all the important things.

We know the importance of branding and we take the time to understand your business and brand values when we provide our copywriting services.

Example website copywriting service

Website analysis & USP’s

Keyword research & planning

Website content planning – SEO friendly

Website copywriting – SEO friendly

Blog planning & writing programme


years’ experience

Whilst Brand Planning Ltd is relatively new, the team behind the service provision have over 20 years’ experience in the digital sector.

Key things we believe

That a good tagline is a great marketing tool

That your website sits centrally to all other forms of marketing

That good keyword planning is vital for SEO friendly copywriting

That well written copy can help your business stand out

Our copywriting services

  • 1Slogans
  • 2Website writing
  • 3Blog writing
  • 4Article writing
  • 5Marketing copy
  • 6Advertising copy

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