Coming Up With A Brand Name

Coming Up With A Brand Name

Thinking of a good brand name for a business has never been easy, but coming up with a brand name these days, is probably harder than ever before.

This is because coming up with a brand name that is both unique and memorable is hard, as a lot of the good domain names have gone.

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We think choosing the right domain name(s)should play a very big part in the brand creation process for any new business. This is because a good domain name can help immensely with brand development..

Trying to launch and develop a new brand successfully without the necessary accompanying domain name(s) is incredibly difficult these days, unless you have a very large marketing budget.

One key reason your domain name is so important to think about when coming up with a brand name for your business is because your domain name will be attached to your website. It is what will be promoted in almost every form of digital marketing you do, alongside most offline marketing. Therefore, it is an absolutely vital consideration for future marketing success.

We believe a good domain name is one of the most powerful marketing tools your business will have. The importance of giving thought to the domain you plan to use, when coming up with a brand name, cannot be over emphasised.

You may have to invest some marketing funds into acquiring a good domain name, but this is highly likely to be money well spent in our view. We think the return on investment from buying a good name should be very good, as long as the other elements of brand development are done well.

The level of investment required for a domain acquisition will depend on the name you want to acquire. Good names can still be found and bought for prices that are easily affordable to start-ups (or those business owners looking to rebrand).

If you are thinking of rebranding and changing your domain though, it is really important to make sure you talk to SEO experts before doing this. This is because just changing a domain name without considering the SEO implications could potentially lose you search listings and visitors!

For any business, the cost of domain acquisition needs to be weighed up against what value that domain is likely to bring to your business as you progress. For most businesses, a strong domain name is likely to bring a lot of value in various ways.

Branding becomes a more complex area when domain usage is being considered at the outset. This is because there is a lot to take into account when choosing the right domain name for your business . This is one of the areas we specialise in and via our consultancy services , we can help talk you through this.

We offer various services to help you create a brand and choose the right domain on which to develop your brand.

We think our own brand name and the domain names in our domain name portfolio are good examples of our expertise in choosing and finding domain names that will make great brands.

Please contact us to find out more about our domain name and branding services.

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