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If you’re looking for a speaker for your business event, then Emma could be just the right business speaker for you.

Emma has an extremely impressive background in the sales, marketing, and digital sectors spanning 25-years, and she now runs Brand Planning – a small strategic planning consultancy.

Emma has worked for several well-known brands in senior level marketing/ SEO roles, and for digital agencies. For the past 8 years she has worked within the small business sector and has a good understanding of the many challenges business owners are up against.

Emma’s skillset of sales, marketing, SEO, copywriting, and social selling is an extremely rare and powerful combination which makes Emma a great business speaker to talk about sales and marketing.

Emma is also a writer and is currently writing a sales and marketing book that will be published in Spring 2025.

What business speaking does Emma do?

  • Small roundtable group sessions with business owners – and senior managers who want a speaker to provide insight into areas such as sales, marketing, and SEO.
  • Speaking at small business events – with talks that are suitable for most networking events, SME events, conferences, and trade shows.
  • Talks to sales, marketing and digital teams – to underline the importance of sales, and why these teams need to work closely together to improve ROI.

Why Hire a Business Speaker

To share experience and expertise

To provide insight into challenging areas

To open up interesting conversation

To provide inspiration for attendees

To educate and motivate


years’ experience

Emma has over 20 years’ experience in sales marketing and the digital sector – Tailored business speaker sessions available on request.

Why choose Emma as your speaker?

Impressive working background

Writer and thought leader

Sales, marketing, & SEO specialist

Excellent speaking skills

Understanding of challenges SMEs face

Speaker Sessions

  • 1

    Why sales planning is key – a talk about the importance of strong sales foundations and sales planning.

  • 2

    Cutting through the marketing noise – how to stand out from the crowd in a fiercely competitive space.

  • 3

    Social Selling – an overview of how to combine social selling with networking for great results.

  • 4

    SEO explained without jargon – insight into SEO and how valuable it can be – without tech talk.

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