Keyword Planning

Keyword Planning

We provide affordable SEO packages to help start-ups and small businesses with SEO.

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the work required to help your website get listed well on Google and other search engines.

Search visitors are generally very good quality visitors, because they arrive directly at a relevant page of your website having just searched for a term they are interested in.

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Keyword planning

SEO is a really important area for all small businesses to consider investing in for various reasons. Primarily, it’s because the traffic is so well targeted, and this means the visitor is more likely to interact with your site well. This is likely to lead to more enquiries and sales than many other types of marketing.

Small business owners often overlook SEO though and opt for other forms of marketing instead. This can be because they have had a bad SEO experience in the past. Or it could be because they think SEO is too expensive.

It’s true to say that SEO is one of the most complex areas of digital marketing, and if it is not done well by specialists, then it is not likely to work.

Also, SEO does generally cost more than many other forms of digital marketing, but there is good reason for this.

The cost element of SEO is something that is probably best discussed with a specialist, because whilst a regular monthly outlay is likely to be required, the long-term results can be extremely worthwhile. In fact, when it is well-planned and implemented, SEO can produce a very good return on investment.

When SEO is done well it can actually be one of the most effective and cost effective methods of digital marketing, with great ongoing results.

For SEO to be planned effectively it does require specialist expertise. To create affordable SEO strategies for SME’s requires really in depth knowledge. We have this knowledge, and our SEO consultancy is provided by a consultant with over 20 years’ of SEO experience.

We have put together a selection of affordable SEO planning packages to help start-ups and small businesses get off to a good start in this area.

Our SEO packages  are heavily focused around website analysis and keyword research and planning. We believe that good keyword research is an integral part of SEO success. So, getting a good keyword strategy in place as soon you possibly can, should hold you in good stead from an SEO standpoint.

Our SEO packages should be a  really good way for you to gain a better understanding of search engine optimisation. They should also help you start planning how to start SEO activity in an affordable way.

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