Branding Packages

Branding Packages

Our branding packages are for start-ups. They are aimed at people starting a new business who want to develop a brand that is set to work well in the digital marketplace.

It is important for start-ups to create a strong brand at the outset, as changing things later down the line can be difficult.

Brand concept

Sales consultancy

Brand naming

Domain sourcing

Strapline planning

* Logo & design

Your domain name and the website it will be attached to, will become the digital gateway to your business. It will sit centrally to every other sales and marketing channel. It is therefore a very important part of brand development.

In order to create a strong brand and build a website that works well, you need to have a good feel for the marketplace. This means thinking about the future sales and marketing aspects of your business as early as possible.

Our branding package should get you off to a really good start and includes the following:-

  • Brand concept – if you are a start up we can help you create the concept for your brand. As part of this we do some marketplace analysis.
  • Sales consultancy – we help you consider all the important sales elements before you develop your brand or your website.
  • Brand naming & domain name sourcing – we help you come up with a brand name taking domain name considerations into account. We can also help source domains within the budget you have available.
  • Strapline creation – a great strapline can help with marketing in lots of ways and we can help you create one of these
  • Logo & design elements – we can help you plan and create a logo and the headers for 2 social media channels.

Building a business that has all the correct fundamental elements to work very well online is very different to building a traditional offline business.

Thinking about the digital sales and marketing aspects of building a brand at the earliest stages of development is something that we believe is really important for good digital progress. This is where our branding package can really add real value.

* We provide all the planning elements for this package. We work in conjunction with a well-established design agency for the design elements.

* Pricing for this package starts at £949, but varies depending on individual requirements. For more information please contact us.

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    Domain Names

    Getting the right name is one of the most important marketing decisions you’ll make.

    Marketing Options

    Knowing what to do and when to do it is pivotal to sales & marketing success.

    Digital Channels

    Knowing where and how to promote your brand makes a major difference.


    Start brand planning and content planning now, to help your business make more sales.