Blog Writing Service

Blog Writing Service

Good blog writing can help small businesses to gain new clients. We think small businesses should seriously consider putting an ongoing blog writing strategy in place to help generate more enquiries.

A regular SEO-friendly blog writing service can help small businesses generate traffic and enquiries from SEO, social media activity, and all sorts of other forms of sales and marketing.

Blog strategy (quarterly)

Blog content planning

Keyword research

Blog titles & URL planning

Blog writing

Internal link planning

Meta tag writing

Some benefits of using our blog writing service

Our blog writing service should help you drive traffic, raise brand awareness and increase sales. Below, we have outlined some of the reasons why.

  • Blog writing adds regular unique content to your website – Good for SEO and user experience
  • SEO-friendly blogs help to drive search traffic – Over time, SEO-friendly blogs, should help your SEO activity. They should improve the chances of your website being listed well on search engines for terms relevant to your business, and this should help to drive traffic to your site.
  • Blog writing enables you to generate traffic from other channels – Blogs can be used very effectively to help you drive traffic to your website from other digital methods too, including various social media channels, and newsletters.
  • Well written blogs can help with incoming links – if blogs are well written and informative, other websites may decide to link to your blogs. This can help boost your SEO power, as this is a natural form of link building.
  • Our blog writing service could help elevate your brand – Good blog content that is written about the sector in which your business operates can help you grow brand awareness and elevate your brand.

Do you need to do blog planning before blog writing?

This depends on your budget, but if you want the blogs to be written in an SEO- friendly manner, then it is important to do some in depth blog planning first which includes SEO analysis and keyword research and planning. We offer this as part of our SEO-friendly blog writing service.

Alongside offering an SEO-friendly blog writing service (which includes planning) , we also offer several other content planning and writing services for small businesses too. These include SEO-friendly articles and features, ads, sales and marketing copywriting, and rhyming copy (for promotional activity).

Please contact us to find out more about our blog writing services or any of our other content planning and copywriting services.

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