About Us

We are a planning agency based in London

We are a sales and marketing planning agency based in South London. We help businesses to create and develop strong brands and make sales through digital activity.

The primary objective of our planning agency is to help startups and SME’s to increase enquiries and sales cost effectively.

We do this by offering a range of digital marketing and sales planning services. We also provide sales focused content planning and copywriting services.

We have extensive experience and expertise in sales, marketing and SEO. Our consultancy and planning services take all sorts of necessary digital considerations into account.

Our sales services are digitally orientated but they incorporate all sorts of traditional sales elements too.

Our consultancy service is provided by Emma, the owner of the company, who has over 20 years’ experience in digital sales and marketing.

Why use digital planning services?

We describe “brand planning” as the creation of the strategy for the successful development of a brand.

To develop a brand successfully online, it must have strong foundations, and a well-planned and affordable marketing strategy to generate enquiries.

Small businesses also require a good understanding of the digital sales process and they should have a strategy in place to produce sales. Our services help start-ups and SME’s develop their brands cost effectively and make more sales.


What our planning services include

Brand creation & image

Keyword research & planning

Website analysis & website planning

Sales consultancy & sales planning

Content planning & copywriting

SEO, PPC & social media planning


years’ experience

Whilst Brand Planning Ltd is relatively new, the team behind the service provision have over 20 years’ experience in the digital sector.

Key things we believe

That a great brand/domain name is an incredibly powerful marketing tool

That your website is an integral consideration of brand planning

That good keyword planning is vital for digital marketing success

That a brand planning strategy should be creative, consistent, cohesive and cost effective

Content writing services

  • 1Taglines
  • 2Website writing
  • 3Blog writing
  • 4Article writing
  • 5Marketing copy

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